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Here we tell you a little about these great people and businesses that in many different ways help MMI London, work closely with us, support us or share connections with us.  

val waldeck

I have been in Christian ministry for over 40 years. My gifting is Bible Teaching and my passion is End Times. I love exegetical teaching on all the books of the Bible and minister on a wide range of topics.

It has been my privilege to minister widely across South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom. I am available for ministry opportunities by arrangement.

My books are published globally on Amazon, the World’s Largest Bookseller. They are also available in Ebook (PDF) format.

I currently serve as a Pastoral Assistant at St. George’s Presbyterian Church on the Bluff in Durban, South Africa. I am also closely affiliated with Messiah Ministries International, London.

Fergus, Jo, and I have known each other for many years. While I was writing Angus Buchan’s book “Faith Like Potatoes”, I often visited Shalom Ministries to consult with Angus. When Fergus, Joanne, and their son Fraser joined the ministry, we became friends. I had the privilege of writing Fergus’ life story “Play It As It Lies” when he later opened Messiah Ministries International in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Fergus often ministered at the church I was attending in Durban and was a regular guest at Pilgrim Ministries Bible Studies, a ministry the Lord led me to open for “unchurched” Christians. We were involved in many outreaches in South Africa, and I have been a guest in their home many times. When his ministry moved to London, I had the privilege of touring with Fergus and Joanne during ministry outreaches in Scotland.

Fergus, Joanne, and I remain close friends and share vital fellowship and times of prayer. We share the same passion for souls and excitement at the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a pleasure and a joy to be part of their online fellowship, ministry, and their lives. True friendship is a rare gift from the Lord.

Val & Ferg 1

Constantia care

Constantia Live In Care are a dedicated, highly trained team lead by my sister Morag. They strive to deliver home care excellence in London, the Home Counties and Nationwide.

Constantia Care is based in North London and offer Live in Care in London and across the South East. They are committed to providing their clients and their families the highest quality live in care and support in your own home; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Constantia Care adopts a holistic approach to Live-In care for supporting their clients.  Their care plans focus on clients interests and preferred lifestyle, whilst ensuring safety and well being. They seek to provide choice, enabling their clients to live the life they choose.

Eric Van Dyk

A few years ago, I had a friend George in the Motor trade. He knew I was once a qualified motor tech.

He heard that Angus Buchans team was going to have crusade in a township not far from my home. Through my life I served The Almighty Lord in a on/off manor for example Sundays, the odd seminar & when a famous guest speaker came from overseas. George contacted me and asked if I could start a generator that supplied power for lights & sound system., the meeting would start at 19:00. At the time I was in a home church meeting, I had about 30 minutes to get there & start the generator. I finally got the system going. As I walked away with my Almighty Father there is my favourite saying “It’s God you see” when it goes God’s way.

George said Angus said thank very much and you are welcome to visit him on his farm down in Kwa Zulu Natal / Greytown. In my mind I thought I never heard of this gentleman Angus. A few years down the line I repaired his truck en route to Zimbabwe / Zambia not realising that God had a plan. Why I say this is because as much as I love the sea, fishing, sailing, sea life, I love the bush; I am not fond of the cities. I wanted to travel with people that did ministry in the bush or rural areas. So our Lord had it, again George called me one day and asked I could assist this time with Angus’s brother Fergus which started a whole new stage in my coming closer to the Lord than I could imagine. After a while Fergus and Family moved to J H B.

I remember one trip to a friend of mine that I wanted Fergus to pray for a gas bottle that that had exploded in the corner of the lounge, luckily no one was injured, but I wanted my friends to meet him & I battled to pray over people at that time. While we were on our way I told him my life in the bush war being a paratrooper. He then asked me how my walk with the Lord was & if I would change my way in serving the Lord as I would a soldier in Gods army. So that was the turning point.

Fergus has been very straight from the word go. I owe it to his entire family Fraser has been inspirational in one part Ministry that it is no joke serving our Lord God “Tell it like it is from the word of God the Bible & don’t deviate from the truth”.

Momma (Joanne Buchan) has been very direct in everything that is Godly if you something nice to say about someone share it but if it is not good then do not share it or say it.

Awesome respect for others. They have all sowed something into my walk with my serving the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.

Whenever I need inspiration or correction in the Word of God, I can find the true answer through Fergus. I have noticed our spirits are very much the same when we share Gods word.

In was no coincidence or accident our coming together when we did.

I have come to love the Lord very deeply & sincerely through the guidance that Fergus has nurtured me all this time. 


Alistair Bushney

I had the privilege of meeting Fergus Buchan and his son Fraser here in Perth Australia, they both were brought out by my brother George Bushney and a friend Andre de Jager to come and minister to the body of Christ in Perth, I was very touched of God to hearing these two amazing evangelists sharing their unbelievable trials, their victories and their unwavering love for Jesus Christ our saviour. Having lived in Africa for most of my life I was compelled to one day joining them on a trip up into Africa. God saw my desire and this trip was made available to me, I flew across to Johannesburg where I was met by my son Graeme and my twin brother Les. The next day we met Fergie and his wife Joanne at a restaurant in Bedfordview, a small lady in structure to her towering evangelist husband Fergus but she was the small package of dynamite who prepared the trips and all the logistics of MMI

Our excitement grew as we were about to embark on one of the best trips I have had to date meeting the churches in the African bush, we would start the day by breaking of bread and prayer, preparing the spiritual arena we were to encounter as in Africa there is alot of witchcraft, so first we would bind up these demonic forces then Fergie would bring the glorious gospel to these poor spiritual and physical of Africa, lives were changed, people were delivered from bandages and strongholds bringing all the glory to Jesus Christ our Lord.

I am now back home in Perth Australia having experienced a wonderful mission trip with the team, Fergus Eric, Johan and les and praying that we can all do it again together. Thankyou Jesus for giving me the opportunity to have been on the battle grounds of Africa with the team from MMI


It is with a great smile that I put a few words on paper regarding Fergus Buchan.
I met him and Willie Olwage in February 2010 to have the first Radio interview for the DVD that was just launched: Play it as it Lies.
Uncle Fergus became my spiritual Dad on earth. Faith became more than just a word to me while ministering with the Messiah Team. It became my daily living to trust God in every situation of my life. To be in the presence of Fergus Buchan, you are aware of the Love of Jesus that shines in his face. A Humble man with the anointing of God. Even though we are not seeing each other every day, I know that my “Dad” is praying for me. When I received the news of Cancer in my life, I phoned my “Dad”. He had the same Cancer. We prayed over the phone and although I had to walk the path that was in front of me, and in many way’s not easy, my faith keep me going. I were healed in the name of Jesus Christ. I did not lose my leg, as some of the medical people thought. I never doubt the power of healing that I received from Jesus Christ. To walk the road in good times and in bad times, I have learned from Fergus Buchan that encourage me with the Word of God. Study the Bible, and see what God has planned for you. Doors will close and doors will open. Trust God in all that you do, and you will be a disciple of Jesus Christ. My thanks to a “Dad” that was sent by God to lead the way for me to learn by example that Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Light. Your loving daughter in Jesus Christ.


My name is Jeff Juma aged 35yrs. I am a pastor from north western kenya. I have been in full time ministry for about years. I am a husband and father of two. I met Dr. Fergus Buchan in Kitale Town which is located in the expansive Rift valley province in Kenya, during one of his many missionary journeys he made to Kenya every half year. I remember this day very well because he was sharing about God’s  love for people and especially African people. Through the messege he was ministering great mysteries of God and I was touched in a special way. Straight away when he was done with ministering, I quickly went to him. Introducing myself to him, I thanked God for using him as harbinger of good news to his people in Kenya who would otherwise be forgotten. At the time I strongly felt that Kenya needed this good news much more than anything else, having witnessed myself a big number of sick people being healed of different diseases and infirmities. People being set free from the bondage of sin and generational curses.

I wanted many people in my backyard to be part of this and to sit down and hear from the man of God himself. Towards the beginning of the year 2020, we quickly organised meetings in the towns of Nakuru in the Rift valley to Bungoma and Tranzoia counties where the man of God would preach very moving sermons where many people repented and gave their lives to God.

I am realy thankful to God for joining me to the man of God. Had it not been for the COVID 19 pandemic we would have done much including traversing the entire Kenyan land and beyond. Am looking forward to work the man of God for a very long time.

Willie & jackie OLWAGE

“It was the phrase “We choose to take the road, less travelled” that struck me in my first TV interview with Dr Fergus Buchan in 2008/9.

This was not just a punchline on their logo but I personally experienced this as I started to follow Fergus throughout South Africa in capturing these outreaches, tent services, men’s prayer meetings, church meetings, healing crusades and film documentaries.

It was such an honour to witness every departure for an outreach from our church where MMI were based during the last part of their stay in South Africa.
May God provide your the strength to keep-on fighting the good fight whilst you travel this road in fulfilling His great commission.

Regards Willie and Jacky Olwage ( Cardon Productions and El Roi Ministries)

Jacky & Willie