Pastor Fergus Buchan shares with you the Kingdom Come podcast series.

This series features Fergus’ stories, teachings and testimonies. Fergus, with the assistance of his colleague and friend Jess explore topics far reaching starting with some personal insight into Fergus and his life, his faith and moving through many other topics.

Topic: An Interview with the Other Buchan Brother – Serving God Against All Odds


  • 00:00 Introduction to An Interview with the Other Buchan Brother
  • 01:12 What is a Missionary?
  • 04:53 How did you become involved in missions? 07:09 You pastor a church in England as well. How do you balance ministry with your devotional times with the Lord?
  • 11:14 Countries vs. Nations (The Great Commission) “London is a harvest field!” 13:40 What is the most challenging experience you’ve faced in ministry? 22:45 What would your advice be for this generation living in these challenging times?

In our second interview on @Relevance, we share thoughts together with Ps Fergus Buchan, missionary and pastor and brother to the well-known evangelist and writer of “Faith Like Potatoes,” Angus Buchan. We take a look at different aspects of missionary work and what the true essence of Christianity entails for us today